DATA & AI FOR BUSINESS Forum & Meetings 2023

Thursday 19th april

PROGRAM 2023 DATA & AI FOR BUSINESS Forum & Meetings

Apr 18th
05:30 am - 05:55 am

This track is in partnership with IBM

Apr 19th
06:30 am - 07:30 am

[8h30 - 9h30] Welcome coffee & break-fast (open to all attendees)

Meet at 8:30 a.m. for coffee before the conferences begin
Apr 19th
07:35 am - 07:55 am

[Opening Keynote] Grow your potential: the burning challenges of data in 2023!

Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Apr 19th
07:55 am - 08:00 am

The challenges of Data and Cybersecurity training

Cédric Martins
Directeur de School of Data & School of Cyber
Apr 19th
08:00 am - 08:30 am

Co-create to perform: how does Stellantis Finance and Services write its Data & AI roadmap?

AI is revolutionising business relationships and forcing companies to reinvent themselves. To this end, the "Data & AI Journey", led by a team from the IBM Innovation Studio Paris, offers a series of co-creation activities to identify the obstacles, priorities and objectives of the company. Find out how Stellantis Finance and Services took advantage of this course to select the right use cases and quickly move on to a first implementation in order to improve the efficiency of its customer relations services.
Laure Durand
Stellantis Finance et Services – Crédipar
Chief Operations Officer - COO
Béatrice Cochard
Senior Brand Technical Sales Manager - Data and IA
Jean Marc Langé
Senior Partner Technical Specialist
Apr 19th
08:30 am - 08:50 am

360 vision: enforce a data-driven culture internally and grow your business

How to drive a data-driven culture internally by implementing a 360 Business Intelligence approach. Grow your business through customer-facing analytics programs. Learn from use cases from Symphony Communications, a FinTech scale-up, and Hivenet, a next gen cloud storage platform (P2P).)
Pierre-Eric Jacoupy
Head of Analytics - Consultant
Maxime Zbik
Regional Account Executive
Apr 19th
08:50 am - 09:05 am

Data for a decarbonized approach to digital marketing

Flavien Taquet
Renault Group
Director Media Planning & Marketing Impact
Jérôme Colin
Managing Director
Apr 19th
09:05 am - 09:20 am

Data Quality Governance or how to rely on data with confidence

Data quality governance is the orchestration of the company's experts to ensure the right quality of the data collected, according to the business rules corresponding to the defined uses. It requires specifying the roles of each person and animating them in a virtuous circle. Its implementation is natural as soon as a product is launched and will last throughout its use.
Frédéric Loriaux
Chief Data Officer
Membre du HUB Institute
Apr 19th
09:20 am - 09:30 am

Recruiting and retaining talents in Data & AI: example of Decathlon's strategy on Analytics

Do you know what a Staff Engineer does? As the technical right-hand man of the decision-makers, he provides the technological vision in a specialised field. Through his expert role, he supports the evolution of practices and the increase in technical skills of employees to improve efficiency and performance. Take advantage of the presence of Anicet, Senior Analytics Staff Engineer, to understand how these actions allow for better recruitment and retention of Analytics talent.
Anicet Bart
Senior Analytics Staff Engineer
Apr 19th
09:30 am - 09:45 am

How do you create strong proximity between Data, IT and business teams to accelerate Data transformation?

Accelerating the data transformation of a group like Sodexo requires effective collaboration within the strategic triangle of "Data, IT and business". This approach raises major issues of acculturation, organization and governance at all levels of the company.
Maxime Marembaud
Chief Data & Digital officer
Alexandre Thion de la Chaume
Managing Partner
Apr 19th
09:45 am - 09:55 am

How to instill a "data-driven mindset" at all levels of the company?

Do you want to instill a data-driven culture at all levels of your company? Don't miss this conference that will give you the keys to align your managers on the key indicators to follow, optimize your operational efficiency and take up the challenge of data acculturation. Discover how an intelligent approach to data can deliver business-driven ROI and ensure adoption of your solutions.
Henri-François Chadeisson
Head of Sales Engineering Europe
Apr 19th
09:55 am - 10:10 am

Which jobs to meet the requirements of DataOps and Data transformation?

Within the framework of the implementation of a new data platform, the necessary implementation of an organisation combining "#proximity, #agility and #scalability". And the transformations induced in terms of jobs within a Data team on the IT side.
Isabelle Guidat
Global Head of Data, Integration & Analytics
Cécile Boyeka
Women in Big Data Paris
Apr 19th
10:10 am - 10:20 am

The Pernod Data Portal: a unique access to data for commercial efficiency

The Data Portal allows Pernod Ricard to centralize all of its entities' data, in all its forms, in a single location entities, in all its forms, in a single location. It facilitates the exploration, understanding and use of this data to optimize decision-making and business growth. With over 800 data assets and more than 25 and more than 25 services, this customized solution is used by more than 9,000 employees.
Anaïs Ghelfi
Pernod Ricard
Global Data Platform & data engineering Manager
Membre du HUB Institute
Violette Gaillard
Pernod Ricard
Data engineer
Membre du HUB Institute
Apr 19th
10:20 am - 10:30 am

Development, Deployment and Adoption: how to succeed with your first Machine Learning use cases

We will explore a concrete use case of Data Science at Vestiaire Collective to share the most common challenges and how to solve them from a technical and business perspective. We will highlight a winning strategic combo: leveraging cloud capabilities and incorporating the product approach to solve the issues raised without being blocked by the solution design.
Adrien Marteau
Vestiaire Collective
Head of Data Science
Apr 19th
10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Take time to meet, exchange and share your use cases and issues during meetings organized by our teams. You can ask Yamna and Joanna to schedule your meetings with your peers and/or partners of the event (Reserved for members, partners and advertisers).

Joanna Davy
Cheffe de projet communauté et évènementiel
Yamna Rokia
Cheffe de projet networking et communauté