DATA & AI FOR BUSINESS Forum & Meetings 2023


Apr 18th
06:30 am - 07:30 am

[8h30 - 9h30] Welcome coffee & break-fast (open to all attendees)

Meet at 8:30 a.m. for coffee before the conferences begin
Apr 18th
07:20 am - 07:30 am


Put Data and AI at the heart of your business and make a positive impact! Strengthen the relationship of trust with your customers by respecting the confidentiality of their data, optimize your processes to scale your business and use data to navigate towards a more sustainable future!
Apr 18th
07:30 am - 07:50 am

From data driven to AIgmented Business: what impact for your industries

Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Apr 18th
07:50 am - 08:05 am

[SPECIAL GUEST] What new challenges and opportunities for the CDO?

What are the fundamentals of Data in the banking sector? What characterizes the CDO job in this sector? Beyond the fundamental work on the infrastructure base linked to Data, on the recruitment of rare talents and expertise, on the necessary governance and quality of data, on the democratization of business uses, on the acculturation of all employees, what are the future perspectives for CDOs? Luc Barnaud, Group Chief Data Officer, will share his thoughts on the new territories and opportunities available to CDOs, based on the data transformation of BPCE, the 2nd largest banking group in France.
Luc Barnaud
Groupe BPCE
Group Chief Data Officer
Apr 18th
08:05 am - 08:20 am

How has Sonepar made its data a major asset in its transformation?

Data is a major asset in the context of transformation. Sonepar, the world's leading distributor of electrical equipment to professionals, has been capitalizing on this strategic resource for years and has put in place robust management capabilities to extract maximum value for its customers, employees and suppliers: data governance and a collaborative "data-driven decision-making" platform.
Philippe Azoulay
Vice-Président Data & Analytics
Sébastien Benoit-Latour
Director, Global Account Executive
Apr 18th
08:20 am - 08:35 am

How does Carrefour use data to serve its customers?

Eating better and for less? This is the challenge of many consumers! Discover how Carrefour and AVISIA have co-constructed algorithms that allow the e-commerce customers of this leading retailer to eat healthier while saving money. Focus on two hyper innovative features: - alternative baskets - the anti-inflation challenge button
Arthur Feger
Lead data Ecommerce & Format
Pascal Bizzari
Directeur Général Associé
Apr 18th
08:30 am - 09:30 am

[10h30 - 11h30] MASTERCLASS

Apr 18th
08:45 am - 09:15 am

[Masterclass] Customer contact data: how can Youdge optimise and make their collection more reliable?

Room : Chapiteau - RDC Optimising the digital customer journey, simplifying their input on forms, checking the accuracy and reachability of their contact data: faced with these recurring challenges in all sectors, Youdge, a 100% digital neo-brokerage fintech, has opted for Data Quality solutions. Carles Morant, CRM & Data Manager at Youdge, will explain its approach to : - Verify the quality of email and telephone contact data held in the customer database - Optimise the customer journey with assistance in data entry - Check the validity of email, telephone and postal address data in real time at the time of entry - Exploit this data with verified accuracy to counter attempts at contact data fraud Quentin Zipfel, Data Quality Expert at DQE, will present best practices and solutions for these use cases.
Carles Morant
CRM & Data Manager
Quentin Zipel
Expert en Data Quality
Apr 18th
08:45 am - 09:15 am

[Masterclass] How does Zero-Party data feed your personalization strategy and generate revenue?

Room : MARLY - 2ème étage In this masterclass, we will explain how to develop a meaningful value exchange to collect Zero-Party data (ZPD) and how to store and filter this data while using it in real time to deliver hyper-personalised experiences that drive real revenue. We will unveil examples from major brands and start-ups. Regardless of your industry or company size, we'll provide insights that you can immediately implement into your relationship marketing strategy to achieve accurate results. Learn exactly how global brands like HGTV and PepsiCo have engaged audiences en masse and how multinational retailer Smartbox is using ZPD experiences to increase engagement and revenue by 60%. We'll also share how a global sports brand's marketing team of just three people built a database of nearly one million consumers using value exchange experiences.
Axel Jegot
Senior Solutions Consultant
Apr 18th
09:30 am - 09:45 am

[SPECIAL GUEST] Data & AI for the development of the practice and the clubs

Victor Khuoy
Fédération Française de Tennis / Roland Garros
Chief Digital and Data Officer
Apr 18th
09:45 am - 09:55 am

The preconceived ideas of data. Information or misinformation?

Data is an integral part of business strategy. In a world more digitalized than ever, it can help you accelerate and optimize your processes. It is also one of those subjects with a high potential for misconceptions. We propose to go through some of them and to deconstruct or confirm some myths. Do you dare to question your certainties?
Johan Zak
Responsable commercial
Manon Bayard
Ingénieur spécialiste solution
Apr 18th
10:10 am - 10:25 am

[SPECIAL GUEST] Creating an independent data department? Matmut has done it!

Discover how Matmut created an independent data department, directly attached to the COMEX, to unleash the potential of its data. One year later, Olivier Monnier, Group Chief Data Officer, will review the reasons for this strong choice and the keys to success, while addressing the pitfalls to avoid.
Olivier Monnier
Group Chief Data Officer
Membre du HUB Institute
Apr 18th
10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Take time to meet, exchange and share your use cases and issues during meetings organized by our teams. You can ask Yamna and Joanna to schedule your meetings with your peers and/or partners of the event (Reserved for members, partners and advertisers).

Joanna Davy
Cheffe de projet communauté et évènementiel
Yamna Rokia
Cheffe de projet networking et communauté
Apr 18th
12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

[14h00 - 15h30] MASTERCLASS

Apr 18th
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

[Masterclass] Data Collaboration in a world without third-party cookies: towards an accessible Data Clean Room without compromising on power

Room : Chapiteau - RDC Who said you had to speak SQL to set up a Data Clean Room? The success of Data Clean Rooms, this technology that allows to work on sensitive or confidential data without compromising their security or confidentiality, is due to this obsession that has been driving the advertising market for a little more than two years: to remedy the announced disappearance of third-party cookies. Secure, closed and privacy-friendly, Data Clean Rooms allow market players to accelerate their Data Collaboration strategies to continue to deliver targeted advertising or personalized direct marketing and to measure their performance, without third-party cookies. Despite the hype around these new tools, advertisers are still shy and fear to multiply human and financial investments... Weborama's Data Clean Room, powered by Snowflake, aims to break down these barriers to offer all market players the possibility to accelerate their Data Collaboration strategy through two...
Mykim Chikli
Alexis Sukrieh
Apr 18th
12:45 pm - 01:15 pm

[Masterclass] How does Carrefour capitalise on its data and process mining to transform its purchasing/finance operations?

Room : MARLY - 2ème étage Experience one of Carrefour's major global transformation experiences in one of its core businesses, purchasing. Carrefour will tell you about its journey, its rise in maturity from its discovery of process mining to its scaling up. With the help of IBM Consulting, they will share with you concrete recommendations and best practices for embarking on this unique transformational adventure in the retail market today.
Hervé Delamarre
Global transformation director and indirect procurement product owner
Samuel Thomas
Organization performance and innovation senior manager - IBM Consulting
Apr 18th
12:45 pm - 01:00 pm


By leveraging the power of data and AI, you can continuously improve the experience of your customers and employees by delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet their needs. With this approach, you can increase customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement, while improving the efficiency and productivity of your employees.
Apr 18th
01:35 pm - 01:50 pm

The age of uncertainty: Strategic planning using AI

In an increasingly unstable world, committing your company to a medium- to long-term strategy is becoming more and more of a challenge. And when it comes to committing billions of euros of investments over the long term, the temptation to wait and see can be very strong. To meet this challenge, the StraTech Descartes & Mauss has developed an artificial intelligence platform to model the future. Since the Covid crisis, Danone has been using D&M’s AI-powered systemic modeling capabilities to drive strategic decisions in more volatile times than ever.
Joanna Dumont
VP, Strategy, Insights and Innovation
Maurice N’Diaye
Descartes & Mauss
Founder and CEO
Apr 18th
01:50 pm - 02:05 pm

[SPECIAL GUEST] From digital twins to the AI Factory, how Eramet deploys innovative Data & AI projects in the mine

Eramet, a multinational mining and metallurgy company, has been conducting a major digital transformation since 2017. Drones fly over the facilities to model the topography in 3D, evaluate stocks or better characterise the fauna and flora surrounding the mines. Cameras monitor mine operations, factory production, rail transport or the situation in our ports in real time. This massive data is analysed by the Data Foundry, an Eramet team of around 20 people specialising in data science and artificial intelligence. This presentation will detail the diversity of its projects, as well as the methodologies and techniques used to carry them out.
Jean-Loup Loyer
Chief Data & Analytics Officer
Apr 18th
02:05 pm - 02:15 pm

Trusted Data across all your data domains – the holy grail of a digital business 🇬🇧

It is 2023, and all businesses need to be digital business, no matter your industry segment or vertical focus. But how do you become a digital business without trusted, accurate, complete, and consistent business across ALL your data domains? Product, Customer, Vendor, Employee, Location – ALL your data is key, inter-related, and critical to your business growth and prosperity. Join us in discovering how you can achieve this holy grail. A golden record of your trusted data, across all domains, easy to access, and easy to use – all in one place.
Justin Thomas
MDM Director EMEA and APAC
Apr 18th
02:15 pm - 02:30 pm

Customer Master Data Management: Manitou's experience in implementing a C-MDM solution

Master Data is strategic for this French industrial giant. As part of a reflection on its reference data, its quality, its compliance and its governance, Manitou has implemented a Master Data Management solution called Multi-domain, starting with the deployment of its customer repository. - Why did you choose a Master Data Management solution upstream of all other "Data" solutions? - What challenges does it address? - What concrete use cases have been solved? A concrete and inspiring presentation not to be missed.
Laurent Biot
Data Governance Manager
Frédéric Marie
Stibo Systems
Directeur Général France et Ibérie
Apr 18th
02:30 pm - 02:40 pm

How to make AI a CRM growth lever?

Every day the CRM manager has to make choices. And every day, a multitude of combinations are offered to him. All decisions are good, but the ones that will make the difference are the ones that will serve the interests of both the customers and the brand. So, is it possible to converge the diverse and varied appetites of each of your customers on the one hand, and the objectives of your CRM strategy on the other? Discover through a concrete use case the promise of our intelligent CRM platform, a true decision-making center between data and activation channels, allowing CRM teams to parameterize and pilot their CRM strategy in a 100% automated way on a large scale thanks to AI.
Bertrand JULIA
VP Sales
Apr 18th
02:40 pm - 02:55 pm

[SPECIAL GUEST] Augmented salespeople: how does Etam enrich the employee experience thanks to data?

Discover how Etam has adapted its data offer to its store network in order to give its sales staff the same competitive advantage as e-commerce but also to ensure the omnichannel nature of the Etam customer experience. Focus on AppMag, Etam's 100% home-made customer application, which allows for 360° customer tracking, optimized in-store customer experience and advice, as well as real-time monitoring of performance indicators.
Sophie Gallay
Groupe Etam
Directeur Data et Directeur de l'excellence opérationnelle
Apr 18th
02:55 pm - 03:10 pm

[SPECIAL GUEST] How does the "product" approach boost data efficiency at L'Oréal?

Discover how the product approach has enabled L'Oréal to accelerate and gain in relevance on data subjects. This feedback will reveal the organisation and working methods implemented to build "in-house" data products with agility, efficiency and in partnership with the business lines.
Guilhem Cussonnet
Global Data Products Manager & Automation Lead
Membre du HUB Institute
Apr 18th
03:10 pm - 03:25 pm

[SPECIAL GUEST] DatAdhésion - from discovery to addiction!

For over 20 years, data has been at the heart of SNCF Connect & Tech's strategy. Data is evolving, becoming richer and more diversified, and covering new horizons, particularly thanks to open data. In this constantly changing context, how can we support our employees in their daily work to accelerate the use of data?
Angélique Bidault-Verliac
SNCF Connect & Tech
Directrice Performance & Data
Membre du HUB Institute
Apr 18th
03:25 pm - 03:45 pm

The Generative AI tools box: a selection of the best apps that will change your business

Emmanuel Vivier
HUB Institute
Apr 18th
04:30 pm - 06:30 pm


Take time to meet, exchange and share your use cases and issues during meetings organized by our teams. You can ask Yamna and Joanna to schedule your meetings with your peers and/or partners of the event (Reserved for members, partners and advertisers).

Joanna Davy
Cheffe de projet communauté et évènementiel
Yamna Rokia
Cheffe de projet networking et communauté
Apr 18th
05:00 pm - 08:30 pm


At this dinner, we will share the latest trends and best practices in artificial intelligence and data.
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