DATA & AI FOR BUSINESS Forum & Meetings 2023

[SPECIAL GUEST] From digital twins to the AI Factory, how Eramet deploys innovative Data & AI projects in the mine

Apr 18, 2023 | 1:50 PM - 2:05 PM


Eramet, a multinational mining and metallurgy company, has been conducting a major digital transformation since 2017. Drones fly over the facilities to model the topography in 3D, evaluate stocks or better characterise the fauna and flora surrounding the mines. Cameras monitor mine operations, factory production, rail transport or the situation in our ports in real time. This massive data is analysed by the Data Foundry, an Eramet team of around 20 people specialising in data science and artificial intelligence. This presentation will detail the diversity of its projects, as well as the methodologies and techniques used to carry them out.

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