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Selligent By Marigold


Marigold’s solution, Selligent, helps B2C marketers establish long-lasting customer relationships with a flexible, cross-channel marketing platform with localised solutions, partners, and support throughout Europe. Personalise with actionable data Increase engagement and execute just-in-time marketing across every channel to deliver the right message at the right moment. Execute advanced use cases with ease Optimise your marketing results by meeting your audience wherever they are using drag & drop, no-code journeys, behaviour triggers, and strategic retargeting. Make strategic, data-driven decisions with the help of AI Selligent’s AI-driven recommendations boost conversions, engagement, and loyalty through machine learning algorithms that deliver real-time recommendations based on behavioural and contextual data. Marigold’s approach to relationship marketing stands alone in a world of one-size-fits-all marketing technology companies. Our solutions are designed for your specific size, industry, and maturity, giving you the technology and expertise you need to grow the relationships that grow your business, from customer acquisition to engagement to loyalty. And, with a team of strategists that provide insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what’s changing in your industry, you can maximise ROI at every step. Great marketing isn’t just about conversion but genuine connection. Learn why 40,000 businesses worldwide trust Marigold as the foundation they need to help relationships take root.

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Business cases

Courir - Le spécialiste de la chaussure lutte contre l'abandon de paniers grâce à des recommandations produits personnalisées
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AXA Direct Assurance - AXA Direct Assurance utilise les prévisions météorologiques pour renforcer les relations avec ses clients
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L’Etudiant - Le site web français dédié à l’enseignement obtient d’excellentes notes pour sa campagne marketing d’engagement personnalisé
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